Frequently Asked Questions

In Home Dog Training, St Charles & St. Louis MO

Why Positive Paws Pet Training?

If you are searching for in home dog training programs that fit your needs, your dog’s personality, and your schedule, then Positive Paws Pet Training is right for you. When our professional dog trainer evaluates your dog and clarifies your objectives, we will assist you in selecting a program which best meets your needs. We customize techniques to achieve the most effective results for your dog and family members.

At what age should I train my dog?

Your puppy can learn cues and housetraining as early as eight weeks of age. Since it is easier to establish good habits at an early age, start your puppy in training as soon as possible. However, if you have an older dog, don’t fret. Dogs of any age can be trained. The cliché of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is certainly a myth!

Why is in home dog training better than off-site training?

Your home is the most logical place to train your dog. A dog’s environment is usually the source of any occurring behavioral problems and where training is most effective. At Positive Paws Pet Training, we train by establishing boundaries and creating good routines to help shape your dog’s behavior.

What are the benefits of private lessons?

We believe that every dog and family is unique. Therefore, private lessons allow us to custom tailor a program which creates more successful results. Instead of following a standard format, we concentrate on in home dog training which includes your specific goals. Also, training occurs more quickly since your dog is our star pupil!

Will my dog listen to me or just the trainer?

Our goal is to assist you to teach your dog with our in home dog training. It is important that all family members have an active role in training to achieve good progress. Communication and consistency are essential to achieve the best result. At Positive Paws Pet Training, we guide family members to understand techniques so they have the tools to practice and achieve success.

What times do you offer for training?

We realize that current families hold very busy schedules. Therefore, we are available seven days a week to fit your agenda. We offer extended hours to accommodate working individuals. Appointments can be scheduled at your convenience during the following times:

Monday to Friday:     9:00 am-8:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday:   9:00 am-6:00 pm