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Voted #1 Dog Trainer in St. Charles County in 2014 by the citizens of St. Charles County.

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At Positive Paws Pet Training, we promote a healthy relationship between you and your dog. By establishing clear expectations with your dog, communications becomes more successful. Since every family and dog is unique, we discuss personal goals and identify the best suited training program to obtain your objectives. All of our training we provide is in home, customized programs since this is typically where the challenging behaviors occur. We encourage all family members to participate in the training process to learn and enjoy the most productive training methods for their dog.

Our training techniques are based on positive and reliable methods. It is important to practice positive methods to establish a healthy bond with your dog. It is well recognized that dogs respond effectively and consistently to positive reinforcement.

We offer programs for all breeds, ages and skill levels. So, if you are starting with an eager puppy or strong willed adolescent, we have the program for you! As well as our puppy, basic, intermediate and advanced programs, we offer behavioral programs for more challenging behaviors. At Positive Paws Pet Training, we provide family members the skills to problem solve in order to achieve more desirable behaviors. We are confident that our training and your active participation will produce successful results.

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We offer four main programs in addition to behavioral therapy and other specialized dog training services.

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What We Do – Dog Training Services in St. Charles

Positive Paws Pet Training practices only positive techniques. The methods used during the training process are an important factor in your dog’s learning.  With positive reinforcement, we use praise and/or treats to reward your dog for responding appropriately to your request. This reward will encourage your dog to continue to repeat the positive behavior. Positive reinforcement is a powerful and reliable method to modify or teach a dog a new behavior.

Customize Dog Training Programs

We offer a customized program for each family and dog in their home. We are not a “cookie cutter” approach. At Positive Paws Pet Training, we tailor our programs to achieve your goals. We offer in home training because this is usually where the challenges for behaviors occur. Initially, your dog needs to learn to perform consistently and reliably in your home and on your walk.  When you and your dog achieve training in this environment, you will be ready to explore training in other environments with higher level distractions.

We Are Flexible

We provide flexible hours and times for training in your home. We understand that individuals have busy schedules. In addition to offering extensive training times to accommodate schedules, training times can vary week to week if needed.

We’re Inclusive

At Positive Paws Pet Training, we encourage your entire family to participate in the training process. Everyone involved can engage in the training process to accomplish set goals. With teamwork, your furry friend will respond to all family members.

Fun & Educational

We believe that training should be fun as well as educational. We strive to make the learning process enjoyable for you and your dog. Everyone benefits from a positive and fun program. Remember that dogs and puppies are sponges. They are learning all the time whether it is a behavior you desire or not. So, encourage your dog to perform the appropriate behavior from the beginning with an enjoyable training plan. When family members and their dog are enjoying the training, not only will they learn more but practice more.

We Train You & Your Family Too! Not Just Your Dog!

We provide instructional materials for all lessons. These instructions assist individuals to practice in between lessons. With a training manual, all individuals are consistent with the training cues. Consistency is essential for your dog to be successful in the training process. All family members must be uniform so that your dog is clear on your expectations. Set your dog up for success!

Form a Lifelong Bond

Positive Paws Pet Training encourages a healthy bond between your dog and family.  The training with us is the beginning of a long healthy relationship with your dog.  Your direction and leadership shapes your dog’s path for life.

We Stay In Communication

We strive to facilitate effective communication between you and your dog. Often, a puppy or dog is simply not responding to the owner because of confusion. Frequently, dog owners respond to a dog’s inappropriate behavior with the word “no”. Clearly, this does not communicate the appropriate behavior to your dog! Since communication is essential for effective training, we clarify how to enhance and improve this communication.