Dog Training Programs

Dog Training Classes for St Charles & St Louis MO

We offer in-home customized training which is tailored to meet the specific needs of both the dog and their owners. Therefore, it is not a “standard lesson plan.” Take a look at some of the different customized dog training classes we offer below. If you have any questions, call us at 636-352-3104.

Puppy Training - Dog Trainer St Louis MO, Dog Trainer St Charles MOPuppy

So, you have a new addition to the family!  Prevent undesirable behaviors by establishing positive ones from the very beginning. This four week program is structured for puppies eight weeks to five months of age.  Using gentle and fun techniques, your puppy will learn basic behaviors such as sit, down, stay, walk on leash, and come when called.  Your puppy will be introduced to take, leave, and drop objects.  These dog training classes address common issues such as house training, chewing, nipping, and unruly behavior.


Basic Dog Training Lessons - Dog Trainers St Louis MO, Dog Trainers St Charles MO 2Basic

If you don’t understand your adolescent dog’s behaviors, this program is for you!  Enhance the communication between your companion and family through this four week program.  Dog’s between five months to adult learn essential behaviors such as sit/stay, down/stay, controlled leash walking, and come when called.  Your dog will improve the skills with take it/ leave it, and drop it.  These dog training classes confront challenging issues such as  jumping, chewing, barking, and door bolting.


Intermediate - Dog Training St Louis MO, Dog Training St Charles MOIntermediate

My dog mastered the basics, now what?  Training does not end at adolescence.  Maximize your dog’s potential and build on fundamental skills through this four week program. Increase your dog’s reliability with heel, sit/stay and down/stay with distractions, and challenging leave its/ drop its. Your dog will  learn advanced come recalls, stand/stay, and place.  These dog training classes are targeted to improve your dog’s consistency with both new and basic skills.


Advanced Dog Training - Dog Training Service St Louis MO, Dog Training Service St Charles MOAdvanced

Increase your dog’s proficiency by teaching him to perform reliably in any environment. During this four week program, your dog will learn to perform more consistently in the presence of people, dogs, and new environments.  Your dog will learn sit politely for petting, advanced loose leash walking/heeling and stay with challenging distractions. This program prepares your dog for the Canine Good Citizenship test. The test is offered at the end of the four week program.


 Package Program

Do you want to teach your dog the best to his potential?  We offer the “package program” which includes the puppy/basic program, intermediate program and the advanced program.  This package program will train your dog the fundamental skills, build with distractions and prep your dog for the Canine Good Citizenship test.  After completing the package program, your dog will achieve his “Pawhd of the dog community”!

Trick Classes

trick_classTeaching your dog tricks is a way to make learning fun for both you and your dog!  Not only is trick training fun, it enhances your relationship with your dog.  Teaching your dog tricks builds and improves upon the basic cues that your dog knows.  These trick training classes can be taught to dogs of any size, breed or temperament. We offer two sessions with different tricks including shake, spin, roll over, jumping through hoop and much more.  These sessions may be taken individually or as a package.


Does your companion display certain problematic behaviors for which you have found no solution? A customized plan can be created to confront more difficult issues such as separation anxiety, shyness, fear and aggression with people or dogs. By understanding the motivation of your dog’s behavior, you’ll be able to replace the unacceptable behaviors with more desirable ones.


(Everyday problems addressed accordingly in every class)

Although every dog is unique, sometimes we encounter unfavorable behaviors from our canine companions. Therefore, we offer practical solutions to everyday problems in each class. Issues are confronted according to your objectives.

  • House Training
  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Nipping
  • Chewing
  • Excessive Barking