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Positive Dog Training, St Charles & St. Louis MO

About Positive Paws

Since every family and dog is unique, the initial consultation involves discussing personal goals and objectives. Both your family and pet will benefit from the program by clarifying expectations and achieving acceptable behaviors. In addition, we provide instructional materials to facilitate the process of learning. We are confident that our positive dog training and your active participation will produce successful results. Our Dog Training Methods When choosing a training program, it is important to understand the trainer’s philosophy and techniques. Our training methods are based on positive and reliable techniques. We believe that dogs learn more readily by rewarding and encouraging methods instead of aversive or punishment techniques. Also, these motivational techniques will inspire both your pet and family to enjoy the training process.

The Pet and the Family

We realize that your pet is an important part of the family, a well-behaved dog is necessary to maintain positive relationships. We believe that training creates a healthy and happy lifetime together.   Our Priority Our priority is to provide quality dog training and behavioral counseling to facilitate communication. We strive, through positive dog training, to enhance the bond between your pet and family.